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Does Office 365 from GoDaddy support journaling?

NOTE: Attention Apptix Customers! If you are an Apptix customer who has used journaling in the past, you can continue this service with Apptix directly.

As of right now, the short answer to this question is (unfortunately) "no."

Currently, the version of Office 365 we offer (Small Business) doesn't provide this feature. Journaling is only available with Office 365's Midsize and Enterprise licenses.

What is journaling?

As defined by Microsoft:

Journaling can help your organization respond to legal, regulatory, and organizational compliance requirements by recording inbound and outbound email communications. When planning for messaging retention and compliance, it's important to understand journaling, how it fits in your organization's compliance policies, and how Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 helps you secure journaled messages.

Though it sounds like what we commonly refer to as "archiving," journaling is a different process.

Journaling records all communications, including email, in an organization for use in their email retention or archival strategy. To meet an increasing number of regulatory and compliance requirements, many organizations must maintain records of communications that occur when employees perform daily business tasks.

Archiving refers to backing up the data, removing it from its native environment, and storing it elsewhere, therefore reducing the strain of data storage.

Can Office 365 customers enable Exchange journaling?

Though the option displays in the Exchange Admin Center, customers cannot enable journaling in Office 365. Trying to enable it will result in an error.

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