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Which browsers work with my products?

You want your websites and applications to look good on as many desktop, tablet and mobile browsers as possible. Websites built using Websites + Marketing are already responsive, meaning they automatically adjust to any screen size. Many sites using WordPress are also responsive.

Listed below are the browsers we do and don’t support. In all cases, JavaScript, cookies and TLS 1.2 must be enabled.

Fully supported

Your website will look the way you designed it on the most recent major release of any of these browsers. If there’s a bug, we’ll fix it.

Desktop browsers:

  • Google Chrome.
  • Microsoft Edge.
  • Mozilla Firefox.
  • Safari.

Mobile browsers:

  • Chrome (Android or iOS).
  • Microsoft Edge (Android or iOS).
  • Safari (iOS).

Note: If you have problems viewing your website or one of your applications, try clearing your browser's cache. For more information, see Clear my browser's cache.


Your website could display as you designed it, or it might not work. The experience for your visitors is unpredictable. If there are bugs, we won’t dedicate resources to fixing them.

Desktop browsers:

  • Google Chrome, previous major releases.
  • Microsoft Edge legacy and previous major releases of Edge Chromium.
  • Internet Explorer (replaced by Microsoft Edge).
  • Mozilla Firefox, previous major releases.
  • Safari, previous major releases.
  • Any other browsers not listed above.

Mobile browsers:

  • Previous major releases of Chrome (Android or iOS), Safari (iOS), and Microsoft Edge (Android or iOS).
  • Mobile browsers on previous versions of Android or iOS.
  • Internet Explorer (Windows Mobile, Android or iOS). (Replaced by Microsoft Edge.)
  • Opera Mini (Android or iOS).
  • Other mobile browsers not listed above.