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Why didn't Website Accelerator make my site faster?

This article only applies to Web & Classic Hosting. For more information, see What type of hosting account do I have?

In some rare cases, the Website Accelerator speed test was not able to measure a performance gain. This can be a frustrating experience that leaves you wondering why.

There are a few reasons this might occur:

  • Light Page — If your page is already loading in sub-second times, that's great! But Website Accelerator can still be helpful for you long-term. Website Accelerator isn't doing you much good with high speed Internet users. It's probably not hurting, though. And, there can still be significant gains when dealing with low speed Internet users. We recommend you keep Website Accelerator to assist low speed Internet users and to help if and when your page gets heavier.
  • Too Few Page Objects — Website Accelerator serves cached static files that are closer to the end user. If your page contains zero or only a handful of static page objects, such as JavaScript, CSS and images, then Website Accelerator doesn't have enough files cached to make a significant difference. This can also occur if all, or most, of your page objects are loaded from a third party. Only page objects that load directly from your host are accelerated.
  • Third-Party Interference — Third-party party objects, such as social buttons or advertisements, count as part of the page load and can lead to unpredictable and inconsistent page load times.
  • Image Carousel — Some pages have image carousels that continue to load new image after new image on the page. The visitor experience might be fine, but image carousels can trick our performance testing computers into thinking the page is still loading for much longer than it really is. This can lead to unpredictable and inconsistent page load times.

Website Accelerator is one important piece of best practices for Web application performance. To learn more about making your site faster, please see Slow website speed problems.

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